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Jason Hewitt, and his mom, Victoria Hewitt, award winning authors of fantasy, romance,  and fiction, make Minecraft come alive in there exciting, fast paced stories that will pull you in and never let you out!

“Depleting Ore: A Minecraft Novel” and "The Outside: A Minecraft Novel" are for sale directly from the authors at their web site: www.hewittauthors.com. The Hewitt's will be selling and autographing their Minecraft novel at Comic Cons all around the US.

About the Authors:

 Jason Hewitt is an avid player of Minecraft. His mom, Victoria Hewitt, is an award winning author of fantasy and romance. Together, they make this unique take on the Minecraft world come to life.

 Jason is homeschooled, is an accomplished pianist, a horseman, and serves God by participating in activities at Annunciation Parish in Paris. He has earned his Arrow of Light in Scouts, raises standard bred poodles, and yes, just like the hero in the story, he has a black and white Gypsy Vanner horse named: Max. 

Awards Won
Minecraft Novel Award Winner

Hewitt Authors Go Global

Previously, Hewitt Authors, award winning writers wrote there first Minecraft novel "Depleting Ore" now they have written their second amazing novel, "The Outside". This new story is based in the world of Minecraft and the real world. It has the same fast paced amazing thrill of there previous novel that they have written.

 There award winning 14 year old son, Jason, 

writes this story with his award winning author mom. Just amazing!


Victoria Hewitt

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (859) 435-0610
Website: www.hewittauthors.com