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Depleting Ore: A Minecraft Novel Earns its Third Award and International Recognition!

Depleting Ore: A Mincraft Novel (August 2014)

"Winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, and finalist in the National Indie Excellence Award for juvenile fiction, Depleting Ore: A Minecraft Novel is a story set in the world of the immensely popular, sandbox-style building game of Minecraft. Herobrine, cruel overlord of the Nether, wants to seize control of Minecraft, and sends an army of pig zombies and wither skeletons to do his bidding. Three people stand against him, working together to build resistance in their small town of Cumberlon; do they have any chance of saving the world? Readers of all ages will enjoy this exciting saga, and any Minecraft player will immediately recognize the sense of adventure, daring, and limitless possibilities - all in keeping with the spirit of the game!" 

Midwest Book Reviews

-James Cox, Editor-in-Chief

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