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The Nether's creepy overlord, Herobrine, is creating an army of diamond clad pig zombies, wither skeletons, and cave spiders to invade and take over the world of Minecraft and shape a place where he can rule. But only a boy, along with his best friend, Danny, and Eve, a love-struck girl, can stop this evil monster. Jase Bold and his black and white horse, Max, ride into history by trying to save not only his small town of Cumberlon, but his entire home. Click the photo of the book to look at prices.


1. National Indie Excellence Finalist Award.

2. Winner: Pinnacle Achievement Book Award for Juvenile Fiction.

3. Winner of MoonBeam Awards.

Something is wrong with the Minecraft world! Spewing volcanoes, stinging meteor showers, and spawning zombies, seem to be mods gone crazy. It will take our hero, Jase Bold, and his three loyall friends, to figure out what is going on. Does the answers to all of these problems lie in the human world know as The Outside? Jase, Danny, Eve, and Red risk everything by going to a place where no Minecraft character has ever been. But what they find is a Fortress of Evil and a world on the edge of destruction. Click the photo of the book to look at prices.


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