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Filled with Adventure and fun, “Depleting Ore: A Minecraft Novel” by Kentucky authors, Victoria Hewitt and her thirteen year-old son, Jason, receives multiple awards and accolades.

PARIS, KY. – “Depleting Ore: A Minecraft Novel” (ISBN 10:0615977588) by Jason and Victoria Hewitt wins Pinnacle Achievement Award, places in the National Indie Excellence Awards, and earns outstanding recognition from Midwest-Book-Reviews.

Enter the popular computer game world of Minecraft and fasten your seatbelt, for a fast-paced wild ride that includes such popular characters as creepers, wither skeletons, pig zombies, and even the dreaded villain: Herobrine. This epic adventure follows our hero, Jase Bold, and his three fiercely loyal friends into a place that is filled with excitement from beginning to end. Join them as they discover that the Nether’s creepy overlord, Herobrine, has created an army of diamond clad pig zombies, wither skeletons, and cave spiders to invade and take over the world of Minecraft and shape a place where he can rule.

Jase’s brave father, captured by the villain, and his townspeople enslaved to make weapons and armor for Herobrine’s vast armies of the undead, leaves only this teen boy, along with his best friend, Danny, and Eve, a love-struck girl, to stop this evil monster.

Jase Bold and his black

and white horse, Max, ride into history by trying to save not only his small town of Cumberlon, but his entire world.

Jason Hewitt, and his mom, Victoria Hewitt, an award winning author of fantasy and romance, make Minecraft come alive in this exciting, fast paced story that will put you into the popular game and never let you out!

“Depleting Ore: A Minecraft Novel” is for sale directly from the authors at their web site: The Hewitts will be selling and autographing their Minecraft novel at the Chicago Illinois Comic Con August 21, 2014-August 24, 2014.

About the Authors:

Jason Hewitt is an avid player of Minecraft. His mom, Victoria Hewitt, is an award winning author of fantasy and romance. Together, they make this unique take on the Minecraft world come to life.

Jason is homeschooled, is an accomplished pianist, a horseman, and serves God by participating in activities at Annunciation Parish in Paris. He has earned his Arrow of Light in Scouts, raises standard bred poodles, and yes, just like the hero in the story, he has a black and white Gypsy Vanner horse named: Max.


Victoria Hewitt

Phone: (859) 707-7139


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